What are new clients looking for? Quality and service above all

When ensuring the highest quality for each project or new client, particularly in demanding areas such as the locksmith or automotive industries, it is not only about the physical checking of the manufactured parts, but goes far beyond that. Since 1934, Gurelan´s extensive experience in the die casting of Zamak and Magnesium parts for all types of industries means that a very close relationship has been forged with some of its major clients, evolving hand in hand with them to keep pace with the specific needs of each field and industry.

What are new clients looking for? Quality and service above all

From the very start, almost a century ago, Gurelan´s management has always been committed to quality as an essential cornerstone of its products, something that is transmitted across the board to the whole team. When there is a strong commitment to quality, this is reflected in the results, and this collective philosophy is one of the greatest assets of this company founded in 1934.

Thanks to intensive dedication and know-how built over decades, Gurelan is confident of meeting the most demanding requirements and expectations, relying on customised industrial solutions based on advice, guidance and support for the client in any situation: a communication hat is certainly advantageous in both directions, materialised through the joint monitoring of performance and quality indicators, continuous improvement actions, and the development of new products.

Highest quality: results attract new clients 

To achieve excellence in service and reliability, the company´s global mentality is focused on quality, with an exhaustive control of the entire process that is only possible thanks to in-house manufacturing. In other words, Gurelan builds each and every part from start to finish. Moulds, which represent the most essential and critical part of the whole die casting process, are also in-house built in order to achieve the highest manufacturing and finished product quality.

This operative feature allows great swiftness when detecting and solving any deviation as soon as possible, always anticipating any possible impact on the next production process (an added value when working with new clients in areas demanding high precision parts such as the automotive, locksmithing and electronics industries).  

New clients are looking for quality and personalised service

Keeping in mind that Gurelan manufactures Zamak and Magnesium die castings for all kinds of industries and new clients, with very important export-oriented projects for some of the most renowned manufacturers, the quality control department is therefore totally adapted to the requirements of international industry. This means that compliance with the most demanding international standards is guaranteed, wherever the client may be, with specific controls for each type of part, project and industry.

Automotive, electronics, locksmithing... It doesn´t matter which industry a Zamak or a Magnesium part is intended for: in order to make it right the first time, there must be a reliable and flawless manufacturing process in place. Today, new production methods, digitalisation and automation technologies are enhancing the whole production process, building new added value for new clients.

Quality is built on experience

Over the last years, Gurelan´s quality department —together with the entire company— has been plunged into a continuous shift towards automation, process optimisation, environmental management improvement... Everything to gain flexibility and efficiency on a daily basis.

However, in a highly specialised industry such as die casting of parts, high speed, consistency and flexibility have always relied on extensive know-how, operational excellence and skilled teams, motivated and committed to quality at every stage. This was already the case in 1934, when Gurelan started manufacturing the first parts, and it has not changed even today.

With process improvements, the use of its extensive expertise and thanks to the most experienced team in the industry, equipped with the latest technology and tooling, Gurelan pursues a continuous challenge based on constant growth and innovation, reaching new clients and markets, and of course never losing sight quality and service excellence.