Gurelan keeps growing in its commitment to Industry 4.0

Gurelan continues to modernise its production lines as part of the company´s investment strategy in the 4.0 factory. A new Frech W20 hot chamber die casting machine is the latest addition to the line. This new high-performance equipment, specifically adapted to Gurelan´s needs, includes all the technological advances of Industry 4.0: real-time connectivity, instant monitoring by the manufacturer, preventive control, remote maintenance...

Gurelan keeps growing in its commitment to Industry 4.0

Gurelan´s production line can boast about a new hot chamber die casting machine. This new equipment means that Gurelan´s 4.0 factory is taking shape and now has seven 20-ton automatic machines. The objectives are clear: keep moving forward in this Fourth Industrial Revolution by introducing connected and high-performance equipment, developed by and for Industry 4.0. After intensive research and study of the specific needs required by the production line in terms of technological industrialisation, Gurelan chose the new hot chamber die casting Frech W20, one of the most advanced machines on the market, representing an investment of around 300,000 Euros and fully oriented towards Industry 4.0.

Frech W20: state-of-the-art for the Industry 4.0

Thus, Gurelan’s new die casting machine is fully automated: real-time connectivity, instant monitoring by the manufacturer from Germany, preventive control, remote maintenance... In other words, all data are recorded and monitored instantly, bringing added value to the equipment, improving safety, reliability, energy efficiency… In short, a smart machine totally adapted to Gurelan´s factory 4.0.

The importance of remote monitoring

Full visibility of the operational status of machine components (both historical and real-time) allows for quick remote monitoring and diagnostics of systems, and the ability to identify and resolve problems before they may impact availability or productivity. Thanks to preventive and remote maintenance, production stoppages are virtually non-existent, as it is possible to anticipate any part wear or to solve a computer error without extending the problem over time, and without any physical intervention in most cases.

Why investing on Industry 4.0?

Only three words: connectivity, automation and flexibility. These days, investing in digital transformation is the difference between surviving and thriving for companies, particularly in light of the recent economic climate of uncertainty. Thus, the demand for versatility makes projects much more complex. Every constituent part or component of this die casting machine is matched and optimised to the specific requirements of Gurelan’s die casting process. Investing in Industry 4.0 means betting on productivity, competitiveness, sustainability and a more efficient maintenance of the whole production chain. As competent suppliers to many industries around the world, at Gurelan we work extremely hard to develop hot chamber die casting products and 4.0 processes which meet the highest technical demands combined with quality, cost and productivity improvements for our customers.