This is one of the most demanding sectors in the market, the requirements are very high and, because of the volume, the costs are very tight. Automation of the process and a quality control plan are essential for survival in this market.

We are TIER2 suppliers. Mainly we focus on two market sectors even though we can attend to any request.

Safety parts: such as components for the ABS system or the door mechanisms, where the part structure must be perfect and absolutely free of porosity in the technical areas.

Aesthetic parts: such as door handels or the gear stick, must be polished and coated after die casting to provide the colour requested by the customer. The die casting must be free of "cold areas" to guarantee the next steps of the process. To be able to meet these requirements, we are able to use vacuum technology in all our machines.

Safety parts

Safety parts

Safety parts. Door stops.

Internal gear stick

Internal Gear stick

The part is overpressed in a plastic tool.

Gear stick with galvanic coating

Gear stick with galvanic coating

Gear stick with galvanic coating, for high end cars, where the perfect visual aspect is critical.

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