Thanks to our great experience in die casting of Zamak and Magnesium parts for galvanic finishes, we are one of the market leaders in this sector. We work directly with global companies, not only for their national plants, but for all the plants within the group itself.

Gurelan offers a wide range of esthetic finishes, and our speciality is gold coating, bright chrome, matt chrome and nickel plated parts.

As a manufacturer of high quality die casting parts, Gurelan is responsible for 100% of the subcontracting for the whole process, both for the vibrating-polishing of the parts as well as for the management of the coating operations.

Full control of the production allows the customer to obtain the maximum guarantee and confidence, since Gurelan acts as the only interlocutor in the whole process.

Parts for electrical equipment: switch frame

Switch frames for the electrical industry

The parts can receive 3 levels of finshings: raw, polishing or coating.

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