Gurelan brings the complicated year 2022 to an end with an optimistic outcome

As Europe recovers from the pandemic, the war in Ukraine has been another major economic shock that is putting all industries to the test, including the die casting sector. This year was set to confirm the economic reactivation in the wake of the pandemic, and Gurelan has navigated this turbulent environment, a scenario disrupted by external factors, with a steady and determined course. Automation, innovative alloys, smart technology and goals to reduce emissions are the current trends that will shape the future of the die casting industry. On the international front, there are new markets and clients on the rise, with opportunities for ambitious projects, especially in the United States.

Gurelan brings the complicated year 2022 to an end with an optimistic outcome

Just like many other industries, the Zamak and Magnesium die casting sector is experiencing a period of change, marked by uncertainty at many levels, including energy, raw material prices and the reshaping of well-established supply chains. Against this backdrop of economic uncertainty, price instability and supply chain tensions, Gurelan is now reviewing a challenging year 2022.

2022 has been a very complicated year, with a generalised drop in the markets (both at national and international level), a sharp rise in raw materials and the stagnation of supply. Despite all these hazards, Gurelan has managed to close the year at the same levels as in 2021. However, the future must be approached with great caution.

Investment in technology, automation and production equipment is ongoing, especially in the shot blasting lines, with the incorporation of new state-of-the-art machines. These manufacturing capabilities enable Gurelan to meet the needs of new clients and promising markets, such as the North American industry, currently in search of alternatives and quality die casting suppliers as part of its reshoring process of many industrial activities. In this regard, international trade fairs, particularly in the United States, have been one of the year’s highlights for Gurelan.

Energy transition and further progress towards sustainable industrial development goals are also major challenges on the way. With the right scenario and favourable conditions in place, in particular in terms of adequate infrastructure and a supportive regulatory framework, companies in the European foundry industry such as Gurelan will be empowered and fully committed to the EU’s climate goals and sustainable growth objectives.

Continued improvement of quality, Gurelan’s fundamental value

Quality management is a decisive element for any company, and represents the most important value for Gurelan. Not only the managers are concerned about the quality of the services they provide, but also clients, investors and employees must be able to rely on the quality of a company´s internal operations.

In 2022 Gurelan has completed a general update of different industry standards and ISO certifications related to quality and environmental protection. After successfully passing all internal and external audits, Gurelan certifies its good practices with the renewal of the following ISO certifications: ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management Systems).

Quality is the most important value for a company as Gurelan. Wherever the client may be, no matter the industry: the best business card is the confidence that comes from this quality built up over decades. Keeping in mind that Gurelan manufactures Zamak and Magnesium die castings for all kinds of industries and new clients, with very important export-oriented projects for some of the most renowned manufacturers, the quality control department is therefore totally adapted to the requirements of international industry. This means that compliance with the most demanding international standards is guaranteed, wherever the client may be, with specific controls for each type of part, project and industry. 

Gurelan showcases its latest solutions at major international die casting trade fairs

After almost two years without being able to attend the major European trade fairs related to the die casting industry, in 2022 the calendar of congresses and professional events has undoubtedly been fully reactivated. MetalMadrid, EUROGUSS 2022, and soon EUROGUSS Mexico... This year Gurelan has travelled around Europe and America to take an active part in the major die casting industry events.

Important progress has been made in North America : Gurelan travelled in May to take part in the CastExpo Show in Columbus (Ohio), a must-attend trade fair for the foundry industry in which Gurelan took part together with FUNDIGEX USA, a focus business group with specific emphasis on the US market. It is the largest metalcasting trade show and congress, drawing thousands of metalcasters, industry suppliers, designers and buyers to this immersive event exploring all facets of die casting. In September the Gurelan team travelled again to the US, this time to IMTS Chicago, one of the most important meetings of the year for the manufacturing industry, and the largest manufacturing technology trade show in North America.

In the current context of geopolitical instability and tensions with China, reshoring, or repatriation of production, is particularly pronounced in the US, where it has only accelerated in recent times, with a multitude of sectors and industries facing serious difficulties in finding quality professionals, materials, parts and suppliers. Through its participation in this type of international trade events on the other side of the ocean, Gurelan seeks to improve the competitiveness of its Zamak and Magnesium castings for the North American market, in order to offer new products and services abroad, and also to generate stronger and more internationalised value chains.

Engagement with training and professional vocation

Despite its economic relevance for countless industrial sectors (such as automotive, electronics, furniture...) and the highly technical nature of many foundry-related jobs, many people employed in the die casting industry start their career with little or no training. Something must be going wrong.

In 2022, it is apparent that lack of skilled professionals and shortage of adequately trained workers represent a major issue for the foundry industry, a sector driven by technical know-how and now living in full expansion all over the world. This applies not only to areas such as tooling, machining, metalworking, welding, but also to a multitude of jobs related to new technologies, industrial processes and digitisation. These are fundamental processes for foundries such as Gurelan, which want to remain at the forefront of technology and maintain the level of competitiveness that makes them stand out, positioning them as suppliers of choice for some of the world’s leading manufacturers. 

Zamak and Magnesium advantages make us look to the future 

Against a backdrop marked by uncertainty for the casting sector and in the industry as a whole, Gurelan believes in the qualities of metals such as Zamak and Magnesium to offer alternatives to all kinds of business concerned by an unstable commodity market and constraints in traditional supply chains. Automation, innovative alloys, smart technology and goals to reduce emissions are the current trends that will shape the future of the die casting industry. Since 1934, Gurelan has lived through a civil war, worldwide conflicts, a dictatorship, global economic crises, social changes, the new millennium, the digital revolution... In almost a century of history, this company has experienced all kinds of major transformations, managing to successfully deal with the most difficult situations, whether from an industrial, human, social or technological point of view. There are certainly great challenges ahead, but this is nothing new. Opportunities and promising projects are also waiting for us, and in 2023 all our efforts will be aimed primarily at continuing to establish ourselves as a historical benchmark in the field of die casting of Zamak and Magnesium parts.