Zamak and Magnesium: alternatives to overcome instability

Against a backdrop marked by uncertainty for the casting sector and in the industry as a whole, Gurelan believes in the qualities of metals such as Zamak and Magnesium to offer alternatives to all kinds of business concerned by an unstable commodity market. Without a doubt, experience is the main asset for this leading company when it comes to die-casting Zamak and Magnesium parts. Thanks to continued and responsible growth, Gurelan has been able to guarantee the continuity of production, the fulfilment of its commitments and to meet the satisfaction of its clients for almost a century.

Zamak and Magnesium: alternatives to overcome instability

Non-ferrous metals (such as Zamak and Magnesium) are in great demand on the international market as they are involved in a variety of sectors, such as electric vehicles and their batteries, the electronics industry, furniture... As the world shifts towards cleaner energy, some new industries gain importance at the expense of others. These two materials, which Gurelan has been working with for many decades, are set to play an increasingly important role. In addition, the electrification of the automotive industry is driving a paradigm shift in the die-casting of parts, boosting the demand for more complex and lighter components. 

The great benefits of Zamak and Magnesium

As we have pointed out on several occasions in our Gurelan blog, the main advantage of Zamak and Magnesium die-cast parts is primarily savings, both in terms of energy and costs, working hours, machinery amortisation, useful life of the moulds, machining processes, durability of the finished product...

The fluidity of Zamak allows for very thin component walls and an extremely high level of detail in small parts, with very low weight and high strength. Due to instability in supply chains and uncertainty when sourcing certain commodities, Zamak and Magnesium have replaced stainless steel in some applications requiring high levels of accuracy, thus reducing production costs and the need for mechanical and finishing operations.

Uncertainty in the die-casting industry

In the midst of Europe’s recovery from the pandemic, the war in Ukraine has delivered another major economic shock that is putting all industries under stress, including the die-casting sector. The European capacity to produce, store and recycle Zamak and Magnesium has been hampered by supply chain disruptions, high regulatory costs and a steady increase in low-priced, carbon-intensive imports from China. Evidence shows that the European commodity industries, including Zamak and Magnesium, are particularly exposed to business practices in countries with weaker carbon emissions regulations.

The reality is hard to ignore: in the last two decades, Europe has jumped from one crisis to another. These are challenging times, and the die-casting industry is navigating them with uncertainty. Sustained hikes in the price of components and, especially, the increase in prices of raw materials and energy are not fostering investments. Companies are currently on stand-by, waiting to see what trend the market will finally show, whether it will stabilise or decline.

Gurelan relies on its experience in Zamak and Magnesium die-casting

Nevertheless, Gurelan remains confident about the future of the Zamak and Magnesium die-casting industry. It is not all doom and gloom, fortunately, and there are always new projects that require significant investment. Euroguss, IMTS Chicago, MetalMadrid... this year we were eager to get in touch, to resume direct and face-to-face contact with our customers and with our manufacturers at the most specific and important trade events in our respective fields (

Automation, innovative alloys, smart technology and targets for reducing CO2 emissions are the current trends shaping the future of die-casting. Although these trends are the most relevant right now, it is also important to keep in mind that the market is dynamic and there will be many more to come. Above all, over the years Gurelan has found that flexibility against external events and guaranteeing the highest quality are the most important criteria for success in metal die-casting operations. 

Gurelan: living history of Zamak and Magnesium

Since 1934, Gurelan has lived through a civil war, worldwide conflicts, a dictatorship, global economic crises, social changes, the new millennium, the digital revolution... In almost a century of history, this company has experienced all kinds of major transformations, managing to successfully deal with the most difficult situations, whether from an industrial, human, social or technological point of view. Our mission is to provide our customers with tailor-made Zamak and Magnesium solutions that enable their business to improve performance with increased efficiency, reduced waste, greater sustainability and less consumption of materials and tooling in the manufacturing of their parts.