Gurelan and FUNDIGEX USA attend CastExpo to build bridges with the US

When it comes to international foundry trade fairs, CastExpo is by far the most prestigious event in the US and America. Gurelan and FUNDIGEX USA went to Columbus (Ohio) to showcase the capabilities of Spanish foundries to the heavyweights of the industry in an exciting meeting, filled with new opportunities and certainly reinforcing the reputation of this business association in the eyes of the most renowned North American manufacturers and suppliers. The largest Western economy is demanding high quality and reliable parts for industries such as aeronautics, electronics and automotive.

Gurelan and FUNDIGEX USA attend CastExpo to build bridges with the US

Major new breakthroughs in North America: Gurelan has just returned from the CastExpo Show held in Columbus (Ohio, USA), a must-attend trade fair for the foundry industry in which Gurelan took part together with FUNDIGEX USA, a focus business group with specific emphasis on the US market. Hosted every three years by the American Foundry Society, CastExpo constitutes North America´s largest metalcasting trade show and congress, drawing thousands of metalcasters, industry suppliers, designers and buyers to this immersive event exploring all facets of metalcasting.

This four day show is renowned for its technical sessions, where the latest researchs into foundry science and technologies are unveiled. CastExpo´s unrivalled educational content attracts metalcasting professionals at all stages of their careers. We are talking about four days packed with technical and management presentations covering all alloys, processes and foundry-related topics.

CastExpo: the door to the US market for Spanish die-casting

In such scene, Gurelan and FUNDIGEX USA held an interesting meeting with Ben Yates, Marketing and Business Development Vice President of the American Foundry Society, an encounter to share opinions and experiences about the industry in our different markets, as well as to consolidate the acknowledged prestige of Spanish foundries among the big names of die-casting in the United States.

CastExpo is also famous for its bustling exhibit floor, where industry suppliers demonstrate full-scale equipment, consumables, and services. Top foundries show off their capabilities to OEM representatives, the dream event for foundries combining exhibits from metalcasters with a truly unique set of training sessions made just for designers and buyers of metal castings, covering technical and management topics across all major alloys and processes, with hundreds of live, full-scale demonstrations.

Gurelan and FUNDIGEX USA: CastExpo was just the beginning

The global foundry industry and all the sectors depending on it are experiencing a post-pandemic scenario featuring supply bottlenecks and soaring prices, a problem underscored by global geopolitical tensions and lockdowns in China. This situation especially affect the US, where customers in the metal casting sector are in search for new thinking and a wider choice of technologies to meet increasingly demanding requirements in all industries, from automotive to agricultural machinery manufacture, aeronautics, power infrastructures, equipment, the machine tool sector...

Reshoring, or repatriation of production, is particularly pronounced in the US, where it has only accelerated in recent times, with a multitude of sectors and industries facing serious difficulties in finding quality professionals, materials, parts and suppliers.

The US market requires high-quality parts for its foundries

Accordingly, Gurelan is part of the FUNDIGEX USA project, an export business association, focused on the US market, and specifically created to show that Spanish foundries are more than capable of satisfying the high quality requirements and service expectations of the North American suppliers, constructors and designers.

Quality and post-sales service are the most important value adding features of highly specialized foundries such as Gurelan, which is why FUNDIGEX USA is an outstanding project tailor-made for the North American market, as an optimal metal casting supplier to establish long term collaboration and business partnerships.

Gurelan is a company dedicated to international activity, with almost 80% of its production going directly or indirectly to export. Today, new trends in global trade open the door to the North American market for leading companies in the foundry industry such as Gurelan, specialists in providing the best service to its clients wherever they may be, focusing on maximum quality and efficiency as their calling card.