Zero Carbon Project

Gurelan has set a target of reducing CO2 emissions by -70% by 2025.

Zero Carbon Project

The zero balance or also called zero carbon footprint, is the carbon neutrality that is achieved when the same amount of CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere as is removed by different means. These emissions are caused by an individual, organisation, service or product.

Gurelan currently has two sources of C02 emissions: Gas for heating, processes and electricity, which is 100% renewable since 2015.

As the graph above shows and taking into account the two sources of emissions, we have been able to reduce 92,50% of the C02 intensity in less than 7 years, achieving a significant reduction.

In order to reduce the C02 emission in the company, different actions are implemented and planned to achieve the highest possible energy savings.


To begin with, talking about the improvements implemented, Gurelan changed 100% of the lighting to LED with presence sensors in changing rooms and zoning in the production areas in 2017. With this change, it was possible to obtain the same amount of light with much less watts of power, creating an important source of energy savings and improving the quality of light for the workers.

In addition, 4 new air conditioning inverters were installed in the offices and in 2019, the windows will be changed to double glazing.

On the other hand, a new air compressor has already been purchased to replace two existing ones and in the summer of 2023 it is planned to install solar panels which will provide 227.24 kWh and 9-12% of the electricity consumption.


Through the Zero Carbon project, we have also been able to evaluate and estimate electricity consumption.

To begin with, the processes are the ones that consume the most energy with a total above average of 76%. These processes refer to the machines we use for Zamak and Magnesium casting.

On the other hand, air compressors and motors have taken second and third place with 11% and 10% and finally lighting and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning).

We can think that the last two percentages are low due to the change of lighting to LED that was implemented in 2017 and on the other hand, due to the 4 new air conditioning inverters for the offices.

In Gurelan we work on reducing all percentages always looking for a continuous improvement, considering a measurement system for key consumers and defining the list of actions.

But we are not satisfied with this, we are still looking for new ways to reduce our emissions, we will keep you informed.