Gurelan certifies its Environmental Management according to ISO 14001 standard

Despite an industrial and socio-economic situation marked by the pandemic, Gurelan keeps improving in terms of quality and efficiency.  Thanks to this ISO 14001 standard on Environmental Management Systems, Gurelan´s quality label continues to progress as a reference in the injection casting of Zamak, Magnesium and Lead parts.

Gurelan certifies its Environmental Management according to ISO 14001 standard

The ISO 14001 standard is an Environmental Management System (EMS) certification for companies to demonstrate their commitment towards managing environmental risks associated with their activity. In the case of Gurelan, the aim of this audit is to preserve both the environment and our quality label by ensuring a responsible and exhaustively controlled industrial production from start to finish.

Therefore, it is our belief that sustainability and ecological commitment are issues that will play an increasingly important role when providing efficient solutions adapted to the 21st century. The implementation of the ISO 14001 standard certifies the efficiency of Gurelan´s EMS and the quality of its production in terms of sustainable management and standards compliance. This is not simply a matter of meeting a series of requirements, but also of incorporating environmental issues into the management and organisation of the company throughout the entire industrial chain, from the first sketches to the injection casting of Zamak, Magnesium and Lead parts.

As a result, Gurelan counts on a new tool for the achievement of the strategic objectives set by the company, making official its commitment towards the environment.

SO 14001 standard: fewer risks, higher quality

This approach, as established by the ISO 14001 standard, reduces the possibility for certain environmental risks to occur, such as the emission of harmful gases, the release of toxic substances, the use of unsuitable products, etc.

This not only concerns finished product, in this case Zamak, Magnesium and Lead high pressure casted parts, but all the processes involved along the value chain, from the design of a Zamak part to its industrialisation, including human resources management, environmental protection, industrial safety...

The benefits of ISO 14001

-        Deep knowledge of the environmental legislation and compliance with it.

-        Efficient control of resources, reduction of the consumption of water, energy and other raw materials. The result is an optimisation of the production processes, reducing the amount of waste generated.

-        Reduced risk of environmental accidents and improved corrective measures in the event of system failures.

-        The ISO 14001 standard improves the quality of the services provided and the efficiency of the activity thanks to monitoring of procedures and work instructions.

-        Favourable position in relation to competitors: the company strengthens its image in the eyes of customers and other industrial players, as well as motivates its employees.

-        Stimulation of the relationship with local administrations.

What is the value of ISO 14001 in die-casting parts?

The implementation of ISO 14001 standard and an efficient EMS are major assets for companies like Gurelan. As it happens with the moulding equipment we use to produce Zamak, Magnesium and Lead injected parts, our die casting activities require to constantly renew and adapt all the tools that allow us to improve the quality of the process, both vertically and horizontally.

For this reason, this ISO 14001 standard is an extension of Gurelan´s commitment to quality, joining the ISO 9001:2015 certification that regulates the EMS. This is an important step forward, confirming Gurelan´s good practices and reinforcing the trust of customers, suppliers, society, the community... in short, the whole environment related to the company.