Gurelan attended the 1st meeting of the HAPYMEFE project

On 29 June, the first meeting of the HAPYMEFE project (Coordinated application of the environmental footprint to foundry SMEs in the Basque Country) was held by telematic means by the Spanish Federation of Foundry Associations.

Gurelan attended the 1st meeting of the HAPYMEFE project

In response to the constant requests from the foundries with the support of the FEAF and the application made in November 2022, on 23 May the Basque Government defined the regulatory bases and subsidies for innovation in the circular economy.

In order to apply the methodology for calculating the European Organisation Environmental Footprint to Basque SMEs in the foundry sector in a coordinated manner, the consortium will subcontract a consultancy firm specialising in environmental carbon footprint and product carbon footprint to help it with the work.

Furthermore, with the implementation of this procedure in the participating companies, as well as the replication potential developed thanks to this calculation, it is expected to significantly help in the short and long term to increase the competitiveness and differentiation of Basque companies in the foundry sector.

These are some of the objectives of the project that will have an estimated duration of 12 months:

  • The calculation of the European Environmental Footprint and Carbon Footprint for each of the participating companies.
  • The development of a specific tool for the calculation of the two footprints that will promote the replicability of the project.
  • Calculated stamp of the OECC by registering its carbon footprint in the MITERD Register.