Gurelan, another year at Euroguss!

We have just finished Euroguss 2020, the benchmark event for the die casting industry in Europe. The Gurelan team presented its most innovative solutions at the Nuremberg Congress Centre in Germany. For three day, German city was the centre of the global foundry industry: the whole value chain, machinery, products and services under the same roof. Gurelan and Euroguss, a story of industrial success!

Gurelan, another year at Euroguss!

You still don´t know what Euroguss is? It is the meeting point for the die-casting industry, the not-to-miss event that brings together all the key players in the sector. On 14, 15 and 16 January, the Bavarian city of Nuremberg hosted a great opportunity to showcase Gurelan´s know-how and experience, innovating, establishing new partnerships and, of course, meeting up again with old friends in our field.

As a leading company in hot chamber die casting of zamak, magnesium and lead parts, Gurelan values the importance of this meeting on multiple levels. It is not only the most important European trade fair of the year in the injection moulding segment, but Euroguss also acts as a reflection of the international market and a privileged meeting point for the most relevant players in the industry.

Euroguss: the must-attend event for die casting

Indeed, this is the perfect scenario to highlight the quality and performance of the die-casting solutions that Gurelan has been developing since nearly 90 years. Once again, this Euroguss show has a great impact, as demonstrated that all seats were reserved one month before the inauguration of Euroguss.

New alloys, machine components, casting tools, equipment for the steel industry, CAM and CAD systems... Euroguss aims to provide high quality professional information, encouraging practical innovation and creating networks for collaboration and international exchange. The most important experts in the die casting sector also met in Nuremberg, where a large number of conferences and discussions were held on different topics and fields related to casting industry.

What does Euroguss offer?

For the first time, Euroguss 2020 has become an engine of professional visibility for innovative projects related to the die casting industry. This edition brought another new feature: the "Euroguss Talent Award", a competition rewarding the best graduation projects related to our profession.

Another highlight: this year, the organisation set up a new area called "Innovation made in Germany", where German startups and new constructors presented their most recent steel solutions and products. The aim is to bring a fresh boost to the whole die casting industry: plant and machine construction, metal processing, industrial systems...

This year, Additive Manufacturing (AM) - undoubtedly a key sector for the foundry´s future - had its own pavilion at Euroguss. However, and as expected, the main event was the exhibition area, where around 700 participating companies presented their solutions, products and innovations. As expected, the Gurelan team defended their solutions among the main players in the sector.

Who attends Euroguss?

One of the main reasons for the success of this event is its capacity to trigger top-level interactions. More than half of the exhibiting companies are from outside Germany (Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland...) and are focused on activities mainly related to die casting (39%). Visitors belong to areas related to the automotive industry, machinery and plant engineering companies, mould manufacturers, etc.

Now you know. If you didn´t hear about Euroguss yet, you have no excuse to start preparing for the next edition, where Gurelan will once again deploy the latest in hot chamber die casting of zamak, magnesium and lead parts. See you next year at Euroguss 2021!