Environmental Management System in Gurelan S.L.

Today, June 5th, is celebrated the World Environment Day and in Gurelan we want to remind you that since 2020 we have certified our Environmental Management System, through ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Our aim is to continue growing in terms of quality and efficiency in terms of die casting of Zamak and Magnesium parts.

Environmental Management System in Gurelan S.L.

ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 standard is a certification of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) that allows companies to demonstrate their commitment to the management of environmental risks associated with their activity.

This dynamic implies a reduction in the likelihood of certain environmental risks, such as emissions of harmful gases, discharges of hazardous substances... This means that the standard is not only applied to parts, but also to all processes starting from the design of a part to its industrialization.

What are the benefits?

- It contributes to cost reduction and increases profitability.

- Reduces the risk of environmental accidents.

- Improves corporate image and prestige.

- It helps to generate market opportunities and efficiency in the usual performance.


ISO 9001

On the other hand, the ISO 9001 standard deals with the administrative elements that must be addressed in order for a company to have an effective system.

What are the benefits?

- Helps to become a more consistent competitor in the market.

- Continuous improvement by optimizing operations and reducing costs.

- Helps to be more resilient and sustainable.

- Helps you work effectively with stakeholders and your supply chain.


How important are ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards to Gurelan?

This activity helps Gurelan S.L. with the brand´s quality commitment and in reinforcing customer confidence, thanks to the constant need for renewal and adaptation of processes in all the tools and environment related to the company.

In this way, it facilitates the fulfillment of the strategic objectives set, making its commitment to the environment official.