Zamak die casting: 5 advantages you did not know about

How can we explain the advantages of Zamak´s casting in a simple and effective way? Gurelan wants to make it easy: after reading this blog, you will understand everything about Zamak part injection. Why is this material a dream come true for hot chamber die casting processes?

Zamak die casting: 5 advantages you did not know about

First of all and as we have already explained on other occasions, the strongest point of Zamak´s injection is its capacity to optimize the whole industrial die-casting process. It is an economic alloy that implies significant savings in resources: its quick melting and convenient casting make it possible to save energy, resources and time. There is no doubt that Zamak is the ideal material for hot chamber die casting.

The benefits of Zamak

Firstly, the main incentive for using Zamak is saving, both in terms of energy and costs, working hours, machinery amortization, useful life of the moulds, machining processes, durability of the finished product... The advantages of Zamak casting seem infinite!

Strength and toughness: Zamak parts are synonymous with safety

In addition to being an extremely hard material capable to withstand great efforts for its reduced weight, Zamak also presents a series of advantages in security matters. By choosing this alloy, we can forget about the problems associated to the use of other metals. For example, we avoid fire hazards of magnesium, leakage test of aluminium or water absorption of plastic. In addition, it does not produce allergies, which is why we often use Zamak in cosmetics.

Zamak injected parts: perfection within our reach

Another fundamental feature is that Zamak allows almost complete and defect-free casting of parts. Consequently, further processing operations are reduced to a minimum. Thanks to optimised product and mould design, together with the qualities of the zinc alloys, we can produce virtually finished moulded parts. Thus, in addition to its industrial properties, Zamak is a beautiful metal, which can be painted and even chromed. Moreover, it does not get dirty like silver. Therefore, it is frequent the use of Zamak in furniture as an embellishment, in wall lights, handles, knobs...

Easy to assemble and work with

Thanks to their high plastic deformity, products created from Zamak casting are easily assembled and machined. In fact, the high ductility of the zinc contained in the alloy allows the parts to be deformed in a controlled manner until the desired shape is achieved. Joining with other components by bending, casting or riveting is also more comfortable. In this way, we can usually find Zamak in furniture or for the automotive sector.

In-house moulds created exclusively by Gurelan

Finally, another fundamental elements are the moulds for the injection of Zamak in hot chamber. This alloy offers higher number of cycles than other metals. If we add Gurelan´s capacity to build our own moulds, exclusively designed for our production, we can reach four million cycles in multi-cavity.

Big benefits, small drawbacks

Zamak is an incredible material for its industrial qualities, true, but it also shows a series of small defects. For example, in spite of being a light and resistant metal, this alloy does not support humidity well if it is not properly treated, and it can be exposed to corrosion. Gurelan masters all finishing techniques for Zamak. On the other hand, Zamak is a metal that does not withstand high torsional or tensile stresses correctly when worked.

As a supplier of Zamak injection moulded parts, Gurelan is at your disposal for any question about Zamak and its advantages.