Gurelan S.L. at METALMADRID 2023: Industrial Connections and Innovation

Gurelan S.L. had the pleasure of participating in the METALMADRID 2023 fair. A leading event in the field of manufacturing, machining and metal processing, which was held on 15 and 16 November 2023 at IFEMA, Madrid.

Gurelan S.L. at METALMADRID 2023: Industrial Connections and Innovation

METALMADRID 2023 is a trade fair that brings together the entire industry worldwide, providing a platform for companies to showcase their products and services, study the activities of their competitors and explore current market trends and opportunities. During the event, we had the opportunity to network with the most influential companies in the market and discover the most effective solutions to optimise our production processes.

In addition to the main exhibition, attendees had free access to a wide range of activities during the two-day event. This included access to 3 Congress Halls with over 100 industry experts as speakers, covering topics such as mobility, connected industry, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing and sustainability. There was also a specific room for hands-on workshops to learn about welding, 3D printing, robotics and occupational safety.

Trade fairs like METALMADRID 2023 offer numerous benefits for companies like Gurelan SL. Firstly, they allow companies to discover new opportunities for growth and establish new connections with potential customers. In addition, companies can explore the latest trends in global markets and discover new products and services. At the same time, trade shows provide a platform for companies to showcase their offerings to a global audience, thereby enhancing brand visibility and building strong relationships. Finally, companies can gain valuable insights into the global economy and learn from leading industry experts.

In summary, Gurelan SL´s participation in METALMADRID 2023 was a valuable opportunity to connect with potential customers, learn about the latest industry trends and promote its products and services to a global audience.