Gurelan installs solar panels and the life line

Gurelan has gone a step further by committing to renewable energies and the concept of self-consumption.

Gurelan installs solar panels and the life line

Currently, one of the most important challenges facing companies such as Gurelan is the efficient consumption and management of energy. This demand is determined by the increase in the prices of energy resources, their impact on production costs and the social and strategic contribution in the fight against climate change.

Over the last few years, Gurelan has implemented various measures aimed at improving energy efficiency in its operations. However, the company has gone a step further by committing to renewable energies and the concept of self-consumption. This decision is not only associated with the company´s environmental policy, but also with its commitment to sustainability.

The installation of solar panels on the company´s roof was an important step on this path towards sustainability and energy efficiency (these panels account for 227.24 kWh and 9-12% of electricity consumption). However, before carrying out this installation, a fundamental principle was taken into account: the safety of the workers is a priority. Therefore, it was decided to install a lifeline as a preventive measure against possible accidents or falls that could occur while workers were performing tasks at height.

The installation of this lifeline is essential as it creates safe spaces in situations where collective protection measures may not be sufficient to ensure the safety of workers. This allows employees to carry out their tasks more safely, minimising risks and ensuring that the installation of solar panels is carried out responsibly and in compliance with the highest safety standards.

On the other hand, given the installation and commissioning of solar panels since 23 October 2023, we have experienced tangible benefits from this transition to solar energy. Our operation has become more efficient, our energy costs have decreased and we have reduced our carbon footprint significantly. This transition marks an important milestone in our mission to contribute to a more sustainable future.

In summary, Gurelan S.L. has demonstrated its commitment to energy efficiency, sustainability and worker safety by incorporating solar energy into its operations and taking preventative measures such as installing a lifeline. These actions are a testament to the company´s approach to a more sustainable and safer future.

But we are not stopping there. In our constant quest for greater energy efficiency and cost reduction, we are committed to continuous improvement. We will continue to share our news and progress with you.