Gurelan attended the TEDFUN Working Meeting in Zaragoza

The Working Meeting of TEDFUN (Technical and Development Association of Spanish Die Casting) was held last Friday at the Hotel Vincci Zaragoza Zentro, bringing together numerous professionals and companies from the die casting sector in Spain, creating a space for the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Gurelan attended the TEDFUN Working Meeting in Zaragoza

The meeting was opened by the President of TEDFUN, Izar Garitagoitia Saizar, who is also the Director of MEK Casting, a division of the renowned MEK Group. Her opening marked the beginning of a day full of productive discussions and informative presentations.

Afterwards, TEDFUN´s Secretary General, Marcial Alzaga, took the stage to present the various activities that are taking place in the die casting sector in Spain during the year 2023. His presentation provided a detailed overview of the current developments and challenges in the sector.

The meeting was attended by 16 foundry companies and 14 collaborating partner companies, demonstrating the commitment and collaboration within the industry. This event not only served as a platform to share knowledge and best practices, but also strengthened the network of professionals and companies in the sector.

To conclude the meeting, Igor Pérez Villalobos, an expert from ESI Group, gave a very interesting presentation. His presentation focused on how to "Minimise aesthetic, leakage and dimensional problems in Zamak parts by virtualising the injection moulding process". This presentation provided valuable insights and strategies to improve quality and efficiency in the production of Zamak parts.