Gurelan announces the end of Lead manufacturing: One more step towards sustainability

Gurelan, a leader in the metallurgical industry, has taken a momentous decision for human health and the environment. This move represents a significant step towards sustainability and pollution reduction.

Gurelan announces the end of Lead manufacturing: One more step towards sustainability

Lead is a metal that has been present in our society for centuries. However, its widespread use has had serious consequences for human health and the natural environment.

Lead affects multiple body systems, including the cardiovascular, neurological, haematological, digestive and renal systems. It also accumulates in the brain, liver, kidneys and bones over time.

In addition, mining, metallurgy, manufacturing and recycling activities are important sources of lead contamination. Even drinking water piped through lead pipes may contain traces of this harmful metal.

Gurelan and its Commitment to Sustainability:

Gurelan has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility by making this bold decision. By ceasing to manufacture lead, the company is actively contributing to the protection of public health and the preservation of the environment.

Innovation and Pollution Reduction:

Continuously, Gurelan is working on safer and more sustainable alternatives for its manufacturing processes: investing in research and development to find solutions that further minimise pollution.

A Lead-Free Future:

Gurelan is committed to working towards a lead-free future.  Always ensuring that its operations are increasingly cleaner and safer.

In short, Gurelan has taken a crucial step towards sustainability by abandoning lead manufacturing. We hope that other companies will follow suit and join in the fight against pollution and the protection of human health.