Gurelan, S.A. has an indoors surface of 3.800 m² distributed between Foundry, Secondary Operations, Shipments, Mechanical Workshop and Offices (Technical, Quality and Administrative)


All our machines are hot chamber and range from 20 Tons to 220 Tons, all of them with loaders. Machines above 50 Tons have a robot for extracting the shot and with the cutting machine integrated. This allow to us to produce the parts in the optimal machine and conditions, according with his weight, dimension and number of cavities, in the most competitive way.

Depending on the type of part, we employ a centralized vacuum equipment or peripheral auxiliary eq. such as atemperators to heat or cool the die etc.

Secondary Operations Section

In this department, we finish those parts that need subsequent processes, such as deflashing or shot-blasting, with automatised equipments of our own design suited for these operations.

Gurelan puts at its clients´disposal last generation shot-blasting machines in which we obtain finishes of great quality.

Also, up to the finish requetsd in the parts, like paint or galvanic coating, we have different type of machines, to warranty the requested surface in the zamak parts.

In this section we have: Automatized installation of rotative drums for separating and trimming, Belt sander, Tribo machines and different types of Shot blasting machines.


Our warehouse has a weight balance with automatic parts counter, also we have an automatic packaging pallet system and we report all the dates in our ERP on real time.

Mechanical Workshop

We have an exclusive department to produce and maintain the molds and the cutting tools. The design and production of the tools are integrated in our facility, supported by our specialized technicians From the full fill design of the tool, till the adjust and polish operation are done in our facility.

To be able to give this support, we have the following equipment: Milling Machine CNC, CNC lathe, Spark erosion machine CNC, Flat surface grinding machine, Welding equipment TIG, Electric furnace for treatments, Ultrasound cleaning equipment,

Technical Office

82 years support our experience in our technical office, where our know-how, have been transmitted from generation to generation. During these years have been produced thousands of molds, with different technologies , parts from few grams till several kilogram parts, from some centimeters sizes till near a meter long parts.

Faces against so different types of problems, force to us to improve in our internal know-how, to be able to find solutions to different issues, and this allow to us to warranty 100% the highest expectations of all our customers.

In parallel with our own know-how, we are using the following Software to develop and produce the mold, according with the CAD-CAM philosophy: For the CAD we use Solidworks, Solid edge and Power SHAPE and for the CAM: PowerMILL.

We are specialist in design and production of molds for galvanic coating finish parts, where the highst die cast quality is requested, to warranty a perfect full fill of the parts, without the typical defects like colds areas in the surface of the parts, bite erosions, blisters …

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