Lead is not a very common material in the die cast industry, but thanks to his high density, it is a good solution where space for the parts is critical and high weight is request. Density is 11.4 gr./cm3.

It is a very mouldable material and allows parts to have very complex forms.

Normally we use lead alloys with 3%-4% Sb, from which we obtain very high productivity rates.

Another important lead specification is that it has a very long-life, and treatment is not normally required.

In alloys with other elements, such as: Sn, Sb, Ca etc. its mechanical properties can be improved.

I´t’s most common use is usually as ballasts in the automotive industry and battery terminals, but it has applications in nuclear power plants or as a covering on radiators.

Despite what people might think, it is a 100% recyclable material and melted at his correct temperature does not produce pollutant emissions.