An innovative approach to die-casting

How does a small industrial company from Mendaro (Gipuzkoa) manage to hobnob with major industrial companies? Die-casting of parts in hot chamber is a world apart, very complex and extremely demanding. Since 1934, Gurelan has been offering different, innovative and effective solutions in the field of Zamak, Magnesium and Lead moulded parts for all kinds of sectors and customers, including the automotive industry, cosmetics, firearms and electrical equipment. How do they achieve this?

An innovative approach to die-casting

When a customer visits Gurelan, besides a project involving die-casting of parts in hot chamber, what they are really looking for is guarantee, quality and industrial experience. The industrial client is familiar with the factories and their means, he has already visited many of them and knows if a production plant is capable of providing the solutions he needs.

In this sense, Gurelan has been manufacturing all kind of parts for more than 85 years, for all sectors and applications. Therefore, when it comes to build a relationship with a client for a new project, the first thing to do is to show him the parts that have already been created because, at some point, similar parts have been developed over eight decades.

What does the industrial customer look for?

This is a decisive factor. An industrial client seeks security, and Gurelan provides an unique added value due to its specialization in multiple sectors, along with the confidence of having participated in global projects with major groups, as is the case with injected parts for the automotive sector.

The real breakthrough for Gurelan lies in the ability to design new moulds as well as the knowledge of the mechanical manufacturing parameters, i.e. the expertise to operate equipment and achieve the results desired by the customers for their pressure injected parts. Whether for the furniture, armament, cosmetics, electronics or automotive sectors, the possibilities are endless, and the ways to approach the same project can vary depending on the customer´s requirements, the final application of the part, its mechanical properties...

Why do we make our own moulds?

In pressure casting, the mould is the fundamental part. Therefore, Gurelan´s ability to manufacture its own moulds is a pillar of its competitiveness, with results matching the highest standards of the sector.

Both the design and the manufacture of moulds are processes integrated in the factory itself by highly qualified and experienced personnel. Starting with the design of the shape filling to the final polishing of the mould, all operations are carried out entirely in the Gurelan facilities located in Mendaro.

Over decades, thousands of moulds have been made with different designs and filling technologies, created to manufacture parts from just a few grams to several kilograms, from a few centimetres to almost a metre.

Innovative solutions for any die casting project

Gurelan has been manufacturing very different parts for 85 years, and this allows to find completely different solutions to every issue. Thus, the real value of this company is its long history of successful problem solving, making it possible to approach different challenges in an effective way, as it has the knowledge and resources to tackle them.

Thanks to technical expertise and a high degree of automation, Gurelan is a small but very competitive company in Europe. Dealing with such different problems has allowed Gurelan to acquire the required know-how to meet 100% of the most demanding customers´ requests.