Gurelan, S.A. is a family company founded in the year 1934 for producing shearing machines, shaving machines etc., incorporating since the beginning hot chamber machines for manufacturing parts in zinc alloy (Zamak) destined for those articles.

Almost simultaneously started the increasing production of subcontracted parts, incorporating Aluminium casting in the 60es.

With the move to the new premises in the year 1996, Aluminium casting and the production of finished products were abandoned and efforts concentrated on the exclusive activity of this enterprise: Specialisation and continuing with the most extense experience in the casting of Zamak.


  • 1934 Founded GURELAN S.A by Mr. Juan Agustín Garate and some partners more.
  • 1960 Incorporation of Aluminum die cast.
  • 1985 Integrate the lead die cast for the automobile industry.
  • 1993 Implementation of the first enterprise resource planning. (E.R.P)
  • 1995 Installation of the first robot to extract the parts directly from the tool.
  • 1996 Founding partner of TEDFUN.
  • 1996 New Factory in Pol. Erramone 22. We increase the Surface from 1.500 m2 till 3.800 m2.
  • 2000 ISO 9001 Certifícate. • 2001: Partners of ADEGI.
  • 2005 New warehouse with 800 m2.
  • 2009 Started the international expansion planning.
  • 2010 Partners of FUNDIGEX.
  • 2013 Implementation of manufactory executive system. (M.E.S)
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